Founded 2015
Stage Startup Stage
Oliver Marchand
CEO & Co-Founder
Elke Schaper
Head of Software Development & Co-Founder
David Lunsford
Head of Business Development & Co-Founder

Carbon Delta is a Zürich-based investment analytics firm conducting comprehensive computations of climate change risks and opportunities embedded within investment portfolios. The firm has developed the first automated and forward-looking financial climate risk metric called “Climate Value-at-Risk” (Climate VaR), enabling investors to assess the climate risk profiles of individual companies and aggregate across their portfolios. The firm’s software model conducts comprehensive computations of the climate change impacts on equity and corporate bond investments, covering a universe of 35’000+ companies.
Carbon Delta is currently developing a scenario-based modelling of real estate assets for investors. It enables institutional investors to understand the position of their real estate investments vis-à-vis climate targets.

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