Founded 2014
Stage Growth Stage
Dr. Chris Richter
Founder and CEO
Dr. Thomas Götzen
Founder and CEO

We are THE one-in-all housing application. Cooperating with the biggest companies, partnerships with upcoming start ups or doing it ourselves. Our USP is managing the customers demands, choosing the right partners and offering a 100% solution for the customer.

ANIMUS builds platforms to connect all stakeholders of properties, like e.g. residents, administrators, owners and service providers.
The software combines functions of four modules: administration, social, services and smart home. With this comprehensive set of tools it optimizes processes of communication, information and services to make the life in and around properties even more comfortable.

ANIMUS builds the central hub, works closely with service partners like “Deutsche Telekom”, “Henkel”, “Renz”, “Drivenow”, “Die Johanniter” and cooperates with start-ups like “weWash”, “MyrealId” or “Ambihome” to offer just the best possible, but individual package for our clients.


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