Founded 2017
Stage Seed Stage
Thomas Gorski
CEO & Founder
Gautier Chapuis
CTO & Founder

AIRTEAM is an aerial intelligence platform that uses drone and satellite data combined with computer vision and machine learning to automatically generate digital models for CAD and BIM.

At AIRTEAM we transform aerial imagery from drones and satellites with the help of computer vision into industry specific actionable data reports. Our software-as-a-service approach enables construction businesses to receive inexpensive, accurate and regularly updated actionable data from the comfort of the office. AIRTEAM handles all necessary steps from data acquisition, data processing to actionable customer reports. The AIRTEAM Aerial Intelligence platform combines all our offerings in a one-stop cloud based data storage solution.

Roof-Inspector is our first product catering specifically to the needs of the roofing industry for inexpensive measurements for estimations that we deliver via satellite data and precise measurements for project monitoring and billing that we deliver via drone data.

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