Founded 2014
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Eric Vermaat

Do you offer the right workspace to your people?

12CU gives insight into building use to optimise office space and employee satisfaction. The challenge in bigger organizations is to find the time to listen to complaints of employees and most of all to offer the right tool to fix what's broken. Complaints like "It's noisy and too crowded!" "I'm waisting hours wondering around to find a workplace!" "Management has no clue whats going on at work!".

We can help you listen and act based on facts. This is why we offer the following two products.
1. The 12CU Desk Finder which guides employees in finding a workplace instead of wasting time
2. The 12CU Office Analyzer which allows HR and Facility management to understand building
occupancy based on facts.

Our ultimate goal is making the building users happy, foster productivity and most of all keep it simple!

Many people talk about sensor technology when it comes to analyzing building use. We believe that hardware solutions are expensive and unnecessarily complicated. Why is software the better choice? Because of machine learning! We apply AI to understand Big Data. Our application is self-learning, so the accuracy of occupancy data increases every day. Roll-out is quick, easy and scalable.