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Jens-Peter Schulz
Dresdner Invest & Advisory GmbH

Jens- Peter Schulz is responsible for Dresdner Invest´s business with national and international clients such as funds, banks and insurance companies, looking to invest in Germany.

The company is always looking for new development opportunities in the region. Dresdner Invest specialises in developing distressed real estate portfolios, mainly commercial and residential real estate, either by directly investing in the properties, or on behalf of clients.

The in-house asset and property management division manages both the proprietary portfolio as well as those mandated by clients. Peter himself has over 25 years’ experience working with international clients, and over 10 working in leading real estate functions.

Jens-Peter Schulz is President of  As a group we want to organise a network of thematic clusters such as Proptech, ConTech and Smart Building. Based in the German-speaking countries DACH – Germany (D), Austria (A), Switzerland (CH), is a platform which is open to all interested, national and international participants.